I temporarily lost my right ear hearing for about two weeks


An old saying goes thus, “You don’t value what you have until you lose it”, I found that out the hard way.I would like to add, “…even if you lose it temporarily”. I temporarily lost my right ear hearing for about two weeks. It was one of the most humbling and frustrating experiences I have ever had.

It started like a warning. That night I was sleeping on my right side, suddenly, I could hear my voice echo abnormally. The echo was similar to that which I experience when catarrh ensues. Immediately, like a reflex, I sat up and dragged the dropping part of my outer ear and it cleared. I could hear myself normally. I slept back on the same side and I, once again, experienced the same thing. I tried the same thing as before but this time it didn’t work (My ear was telling me ‘Ko le werk’).  I was so tensed up, I dragged my outer ear so aggressively in the hopes that it would clear up but it didn’t. Then, I started asking myself questions like, “Am I going to be deaf?” “Is this what it feels like to be deaf?”. After night prayers, I told my mum. Immediately, she blamed my use (or misuse) of earphones. In my mind, I was saying to myself, “Typical Nigerian mother”. After complaining, she helped to look in my ear to see if she could do any ‘diagnosis’. She cleaned my ear but still, I couldn’t hear clearly and I could hear my voice echo. It was a nightmare in reality. I found it really uncomfortable to the extent that I found it difficult to sleep.

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The next day was Sunday. Before we went to service, I started an extensive research on what might be wrong and its causes. I was fairly convinced that my ear was blocked due to wax. Surprisingly, misuse of earphones is one of the probable causes. In short terms, my mum might be right. I proceeded to church. During the service, it was really hard to focus on the service when I couldn’t hear well. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, it was an anointing service. After, receiving the anointing I decided to put a little portion into the ear with faith. Nothing happened. At least not immediately. Basically, I went through the day partially temporarily deaf. Well, almost the whole day. Evening time came but nothing had still happened. I was playing FIFA so that I could focus on something else. My sister then pestered me to eat. As I was eating, suddenly (Somebody say suddenly), my ear popped open. I left my food to jubilate round the house. I was so happy. I slept like a baby that night. It felt like I was deaf for like a whole year. Ok, maybe not a year but you get my point.

The following morning, the unthinkable happened. My ear was blocked again. I didn’t panic. I went straight to put a few drops of anointing oil into my ear. By evening time, it popped open again. This was my routine for like a week. I didn’t want to go to the hospital because the smell of hospitals makes me sick. After a whole week of going through pretty much the same routine, the wax blocking my ear, I believe, started to adapt. Anointing oil application didn’t pop my ear open again. When I told my mum, she resolved to going to the hospital the following day. That night, during the network news, JOHESU announced a nationwide strike. That strike meant that the state hospital we planned on going to was going to be under lock and key except for cases of emergency and mine was definitely not life-threatening.

A few days after the strike my mum called a nurse friend and told her about my situation. She then told my mom it was wax blockage. Before then, my mom was still doubting if it wasn’t more than that. I bet she still doubted until I got the wax removed. Her nurse friend told us to apply anointing oil constantly so that the wax can be softened, and even perhaps, roll out. I tried that for like a week. Then, her friend advised her to take me to the Federal Medical Center, Owo (My hometown). Although the strike was still in progress, doctors were still pretty active. When we got there, I was to collect my card from the adult emergency building. When I got there, a man was rushed in, presumably, was knocked down by the taxi that brought him in. I had to cover my mouth with my hand when I saw blood on the floor. When I entered the building to pay for the medical card, I also saw another person on oxygen. It made me think that my condition was nowhere near those that I had just seen. When I went back for the procedure, I wasn’t as scared at all, I had seen something greater, something scarier. It took just about three series of successive forceful water flushing of my right ear to free it from the shackles of wax blockage. It was a very uncomfortable process, as I was forewarned, but it was worth it. At last, I could hear well and I could hear myself properly.

At the end of the day I had learned a couple of stuff

Like I said in the beginning, you don’t value what you have until you use it, even if you lose it temporarily.

Be grateful, always. Someone is going through something worse. Another perspective: “Where you are right now is someone else’s prayer point”.

Prevention is better than cure. Regularly take care of yourself.

Having clear hearing is definitely going to be valued in my life.

I hope God will give you more understanding through Christ our Lord, Amen.


I remain,

Yours in insight,

Oluwadara, OLOYE.

Author: Oloye Oluwadara

My name is Oloye Oluwadara. A 400 level student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, studying at Covenant University,Nigeria. I am a writer who motivates, entertains and educates people through his writings. Be blessed as you go through it.


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